The Lost Clan of Drauger Woods

Before the western expansion of the “civilized world”. The Vikings navigated the globe. Going where they choose. Taking what they would. And bringing with them their pagan ways. One such expedition pushing inland would eventually come to settle in this place. The land was good and the game plentiful. But paradise was not to last. As the dark force began to feed and grow in its malevolent influence. Petty squabbles became common quickly giving way to bloody conflict. Indiscriminately claiming victim after victim. Angry and unclean their damned existence now condemned. Trapped and unable to pass. They exist only to torment any who wonder across their borders. Driving mad those foolish enough to inhabit their accursed blood-soaked legacy.



God Doesn’t Live Here Anymore.

As the European settlers fleeing religious persecution came to the New World. Faith in their God was both their greatest strength and most exploitable weakness. Blind devotion to this belief in God and destiny came with a heavy price. Paid in the lives of them not strong enough to survive. Upon arriving here it seemed to them they had finally found their promised land. And for a moment, all was right with Man and God. The Children grew strong and fine. And the bounty of the land was more than adequate for their simple needs. Until The Evil quite for so long, became once again hungry for life. For so long the flock fed and fattened into complacence, now ready for the slaughter. From the record of the village scribe. Another damned soul has been cleansed by holy fire. Thirty thus far. We lay them to rest in the hallowed ground of Patrick’s Green. As the scourge of witchcraft continues to plaque our godly community. Pastor Clark assures us that once this sickness is driven from our mists. The rains will return and the land will become fertile again. As the blight continues. Neighbor turns on neighbor. Fingers pointing, fear and cries of witchcraft consumed the people of this once tranquil place. The fair pastor blinded by pride. His soul poisoned by the foul sickens birthed his final solution. He would save them all and deliver them to the arms of ultimate salvation. Gathering his flock he set the church aflame. The unholy blaze taking them all. In time the land reclaims all. All but Patrick’s Green…Patrick’s Green, and the poor souls entombed there.



The Lady of Rowan Manner

In a house on hill is contained a tale. A tale of lust and murder. Some are destroyed by evil. Devoured and swallowed whole before they know what hit them. Some are corrupted. With their will subverted and with twisted intent. They surrender their soul. But sometimes there are those who actively seek it out. A black heart in active consort with the darkness. Such is the story of Josephine Carter-Rowan. The product of an arranged marriage between a girl of 17 in the care of the state and a much man whom…to call him a fiend would be generous. While the outward appearance would give the illusion of nothing more than the model life of a well to do aristocrat of the day. The thin veneer concealed a torturous hell. After the death of her mother. A death never proven to be above suspicion. A now 12-year-old Josephine was made to suffer at the hands of her deviant father until his death of “natural causes”. At 15 and being a child of some means. She was sent to The Chantelle school for young girls. Here she would learn how to use her exceptional beauty to her advantage. And at the of 18 met John Rowan a man of twenty and a doctor from a wealthy family. And it was no surprise that shortly there after they were married. And came to this place to build their home. A home that would hide a dark ancient secret. But sadly it was not meant to be. As a strange sickness claimed the life of not only her husband but several other members of his family that contested her claim to the family fortune. After that the few remaining members left her too manage the estate as she liked. And that she did. Becoming a collector of husbands and there fortunes. Once beguiled by her dark beauty they were helpless. Surrendering both fortune and will. Until That is, they made the last sacrifice to the dark force sharing the life of The Lady of Rowan Manor.



Hungry Again.

Now the darkness has been uncovered again. As yet a formless mass. A lucid living breathing assault on the senses. The onslaught awaits the next offering to haplessly wonder though the gate. Who knows what mayhem may come. Or what necromantic beast may dwell beyond that gate. All we can know for sure is that what ever may come, evil always survives. Feeding on ignorance, and fear. An appetite growing stronger and more ravenous with every meal. A disease without a cure.