4 attractions just $20 for all ages!! Open From 7-10:30 PM!

Evil is a curious thing. More than pain, anger, jealousy, lust. It is these things. All these and more. All the dark unthinkable things that watch from the black abyss of existence. Evil, is a disease. And like any disease it can never be killed. A vaccine can provide defence against infection. A strong immune system can steel the body. But evil lives and simply waits for the uninoculated. Once an infection takes hold it mutates. Sickening the mind, distorting perception. And then it spreads. Evolving and growing stronger with each new host. An evil, lives in this place. As old as the world, and as virulent as any plague that has befallen mankind in the history of history.
We are looking for hard working, fun, creative, and open-minded individuals to join our team in making this one of the best haunts near Madison! You must be 18 years or older to work as an actor. No experience is required, but haunt experience or an interest in horror is preferred.